Origin by JA Konrath- a book review

Origin - A TechnothrillerOrigin – A Technothriller by J.A. Konrath
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Origin by JA Konrath

As a long-time fan of Michael Crichton and Steven King, it’s been a while since I’ve read a book that reminded me how fantastic a book like Origen could be to get lost in. Throw in the clergy who are debating over what exactly the captured creature is, and you have elements similar to something of Dan Brown’s. Don’t worry though, the author, JA Konrath has made this story all his own with original plotting, spot on details and a true understanding of what would scare the beejesus out of a reader.

This book doesn’t disappoint and anyone who likes thrillers with sound science and enough detail to make the story more than plausible should get this book now. As a writer, the research that must have gone into this book would have been a lot to keep up with, from over a hundred years of presidential history, genome mapping, religious and scholarly discourse, and all the way back to cellular biology and linguistics.

This story is a fast paced, terrifying ride through the secret government experimental station where all Hell breaks loose, literally. Well done, Mr. Konrath!


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