Chain Stores & Cheap-Consumerism

Well, I am. And if any of this sounds familiar, than I’d bet you are too:

I’m tired of cheap clothes, cheap jewlery, cheap toys that come from god-knows where and are probably made by impoverished women and children, and are made of questionable materials and chemicals.

I’m tired of showing up to work with the same shirt on as a coworker. I’m tired of spending my money on things that only benefit big corporations and not the people who made the items. I’m tired of corporate, and I long for my buying to be a little more personal again.

I’m tired of buying something because it’s cheap and not because I need it. (We’ve all fallen for the “I don’t know what it is, but it’s only $5! Of course I need it!) I realize that I would rather pay $30 for something I truly want or need, than to waste any more money on useless crap.

I’m tired of having a house full of meaningless items that were picked because they were there, or cheap, and have since cluttered up my house. And I’m tired of spending my time creating more garbage for the earth to deal with when said cheap-items fall helplessly apart five minutes after they come home with me.

So I am beginning to choose differently. I want to buy earth-friendly products. I want to buy fair-trade items that will benefit the people who made them. I want to buy handcrafted, unique and OOAK items. I want to buy things that are made from recycled products. I want to get better about my consumer habits. I want to invest in someone’s wares, and in turn invest directly in that someone.

So now I’m off to find the sublime and and the one-offs.

Come along with me, and I promise to share what I find…



Check out my Daily Finds for the latest discovers made just for you (and me, of course!)



For a crash course in better comsumerism, I’ve gathered some links for you do take a gander at:

The Fair Trade Federation – don’t know what Fair Trade is? or how to recognise if a product is fair-trade friendly? You’ll find all the answers here.

Co-op America is a great place to start when testing your green savy, and they have great articles and resources too!

I found a great site, Ideal Bite, which is always about taking those baby-steps toward living more responsibly – and the best thing about them is that you can sign up for daily tips delivered right to your inbox. How easy is that? Who says shopping wisely has to be hard?

Periodically, I’ll add more here to help you wade through the eco-socio jargon! You’re welcome 🙂


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