Makeup and Photoshop

So, I’ve been tinkering around, trying to become proficient using the program responsible for the flawless images that grace every magazine cover, and I’ve discovered a few things. 

1. photoshop can fix most figure flaws, but not everything is capable of saving. 

2. A good guassian (spelling?) blur can camo the dreaded “big pores” on most portraits.

3. This program works the best on images that are inherently good to begin with.

That last one is something to think about….because it means that just owning the program does not a photographer make. 

Anyway, I wanted to tinker with some pics that had real potential, so I hit the studio and fired off some shots. Here are a few:

One thing that I learned is that good makeup for portraiture is of the utmost importance. I recently ordered some of the best makeup available for digital photography (Makeup Forever’s HD Foundation) from Sephora, and I am in LOVE with it. My skin come out great in these shots, and since I also used Smashbox’s foundation primer, everything looked like it did when I put it on– a mere seven hours earlier. (Can you believe that? No caking, no flaking, no oily skin!)

I have never had makeup perform that well, and paying the price for better quality makeup is very worth it to me. Not only did my makeup look great, but I DID NOT have to do any digital touch-ups on my skin, including the blur trick I mentioned earlier! 

You can see these photo’s and more, at Karen Fowler Photography.

Products I used for my makeup include :

MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Invisible Cover Foundation – 115 Ivory 

MAKE UP FOR EVER Microfinish Powder

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

Too Faced Shadow Insurance (Eye shadow primer)


MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Invisible Cover Foundation – 115 Ivory



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