When I Grow Up

Tired of landing in one random career after another (Animal ER Nurse, SPCA Manager, Animal Control, and Accountant thus far) I’ve taken a long hard look at the college credits I’ve managed to stock-pile and am trying to figure out just exactly I WANT to do when I grow up. Laughter aside, I’m am totally serious. I may be thirty-one now but that doesn’t mean that I am any closer to being a grown up. Let me put it this way, I may be a grown-up with parental and financial obligations, but mentally, I’m still going by the seat of my pants and living without any direction.

I am tired of jobs. I want a career. Getting there is another things though.

Taking into consideration the college credits that I already have, I could easily finish my BS degree in Psychology or Biology. Or I can use those as minors and finish with an English degree or a degree in Criminal Justice. Sometimes I think that I should travel the path of least resistance– get the quickest degree that I can, and go from there. It’s pretty obvious when cruising the Job Bank that almost any degree will do, so long as you have one. But then I would still be left with trying to figure out how to use the degree. If I can figure it out now, the journey would be so much easier. There, in lies my problem.

I love to read, write, and learn new things. I want to speak multiple languages. I want to be able to apply logic and analysis in my career. I want to make some sort of difference. I want to be challenged on a daily basis. I would like my career to open me up to the world, to new cultures and experiences. It’s all of these things that is leading me in the direction of working for the Government. The coolest job to me would working for the FBI, DEA or some similar arena. Carrying a gun would be a pleasant bonus. (I’m 5’3″, petite and blonde– not your average Special Agent. lol)

The classes I’m taking this semester have helped point me in the direction of broad knowledge. For instance, I’m taking World Religions strictly because I wanted to, and I’m glad that I did. I find it fascinating. Especially the Prehistoric religions, because most of it is just theory and that lets my brain open up and get into analysis mode. I probably should mention that I’ve been watching a ton of TV shows on Netflix lately since the cold weather has been keeping us inside more– NCIS, NUMBERS and all the CSI’s.

There’s a saying that writers oftern refer to: Write what you know. It means that the best most detailed writing comes from a place the writer is familiar with. I think the same can be said for choosing a career path: DO what you know. While this to me isn’t literal, I take it as this– If is Do what I like to Do then I will be happiest in the long run. I like using my brain, flexing my cerebral muscle so to speak, I like reading people and situations, and I LOVe to watch TV crime drama’s– especially those based on the science of forensics, or investigative focus.

So maybe I should be a cop? That would be cool, but I don’t think it encompasses all that I like to do. I need to learn and grow in a scholarly way too, remember? Perhaps something in Intelligence or Public Affairs, or governmental liason?

Anybody have any suggestions? I’d love to hear them…



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