Channelling the Jeffersons

As in George & Weezie. Not a former Head of State.

Yes, I’m on another kick, this one has been brewing for a while, but after reading The Idiot Girl and The Flaming Tantrum of Death (I downloaded FREE to my Kindle– and loved it like I love Chelsea Handler) I’m back on my desire to move somewhere, anywhere else that has a different vibe and feel to it. I’m thinking Oregon, thanks to author Laurie Notaro.

Perhaps its the winter doldrums of everything being gray and dead outside, but I am yearning for GREEN. I’m happiest in early spring when the garden is becoming lush and alive, and the summer heat hasn’t come along and scorched all my precious plants. The season of rebirth becomes My rebirth, and I’m feeling a little too close to Sheol right now. (For those not in the know– Sheol is the Ancient Mesopotamic religious belief in the afterlife as a steamy pit in the underworld where everybody, bad and good, went to spend eternity munching on dirt and sucking mud. Thank my religion professor for that little tidbit!)


Anyway, I doubt I will ever go there, much less move to Oregon, the geographical diversity has intrigued me for long enough that I shan’t consider it a passing fancy. I shall investigate. Who knows, maybe twenty years from now when I finally get my bach. degree and I’m scouting for a decent grad program, Oregon will be the right place to go 🙂



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