Fruits, err, Vegetables of my Labor

Okay, so I had to share with you the results of my backyard, raised bed, organic vegetable experiment. Of course, we’ve eaten most of the squash, and I’ve frozen beans and squash, and then there is the great tomato fiasco– the store I bought my Roma tomato plants from mislabled them, so instead of getting plenty of luscious roma tomatoes to turn into sauce, we got gobs of tiny perfect cherry tomatoes. Too bad no one in my house likes raw tomatoes. Here is a lovely old basket full of Okra (yuk! my husband insisted we grow these, if only for him), cherry tomatoes, and green beans. 


Vegetables from my garden

Squash and Okra










And here is an artistic arrangement of a fat yellow squash and a neat little row of Okra.

My girl with blueberriesOf course, we didn’t actually grow these blueberries that my angelic daughter is holding. We pick these at a local U-pick farm, and today we came away with over 7 lbs! I’m going to be freezing some for mid-winter blueberry pancakes, and I’m also going to try my hand at blueberry jam tomorrow. Wish me luck!


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