Fall on Your Knees

I had a poem published and wanted to share. It was one of those situations where I was minding my own business, probably surfing Facebook, when a poem up and wrote itself in my head over a matter of a few minutes. And this was the result.

The online literary journal,  by  BellaOnline was taking submissions for its publication  Mused. Most of my fiction is not Pollyanna enough for the general public, but some of my poems are, so I sent in the aformentioned Manna-from-Heaven and what do you know? It was accepted. I guess the lesson her is to never look a Gift Poem in the mouth 🙂

Wild Ponies of Assateague

On another note, perhaps it was during a similar excursion like this one, when I conjured those words via inspiration. Here, I’m looking down at a few of the wild ponies on Assateague Island, just few minutes from my hometown.



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