Growing Tiny Gardens

I admit, I’m a budding gardener. And it is so exciting that the time to order seeds and plan this years garden is upon me!  Last year I ran upon a great book, Animal, Vegatable, Miracle a little too late to start a full-fledged garden, but that didn’t stop me from getting a few seeds to germinate in my less-than-desirable soil. The tiny eggplants we grew were scrumptious– so much better than those store bought monsters. And that has incitd me to do better this year.

I’m going to do more eggplant, but I only need a plant or two for what we will consume. I want to try to grow some baby greens for a salad mixture, mainly because those bag mixes are so expensive and I never seem to finish them before they get all slimy. Carrots are definatley on the agenda and I want to try to grow them into next winter using cold frames. Supposedly carrots get so much sweeter when it gets cold because they start converting their starch into sugars. I’m not a raw tomato fan, but I do love pasta, so I’m going to try my hand and some Roma and other sauce tomatoes. And some beans, lima, pea or green beans.

I still remember helping my mom shell limas and snap green beans when I was a child. Those kinds of earthy memories stick with a child, so I want to give my kids a head start at growing their own food later too!

This is bound to be a learning experience at any rate. I know almost nothing about plant pests and problems, soil requriement, pruning and harvesting. What I do know is that growing some of my own food will save my family a little money, help cut down on the amount of fossil fuels burnt by trucking in my food, and help the environment a little at the same time. I’m thinking of it as my own little victory garden– only the cause is for my life to be a better one in general.

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