Gun Toting Mama

I know I’m not alone in watching CSI: Las Vegas, CSI:Miami, NCIS, or Numbers failthfully. They wouldn’t be hit television shows if I was the only one watching them. But I have to wonder how many other women out there like me, want to star in their own real life investigative drama. I don’t mean on TV. I’m not bad looking, but it take more than blonde hair and blue eyes to make it to the boob-tube. I mean in real life, as a career.

I’m a thirty-one year old mother of two grade-school age kids, with a husband who spends half of his time in the woods hunting one beast or another. I work full-time in a cubicle profession. I take classes when my life can handle it. I can shoot a gun and rather enjoy the sound of a two-liter bottle exploding as I empty my clip. I even took the course that is required for getting a concealed weapon permit in the state of Virginia. I am very intuitive– I notice quickly when a person or situation just doesn’t seem right. Logic is my friend and I abhor things that just don’t make sense to me. I love to learn about other cultures and I believe in the sanctity of law enforcement. So does that make me a realistic candidate for some type of law enforcement career, or am I just daydreaming like every other mother out there who wants a career that Hollywood has deemed interesting and psuedo-glamourous?


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