I’m Not a Morning Person

I’ve been up for almost 3 hours now, and it’s not even 8am yet. Why? you ask.

Well, last night I had the pleasure of spending the night in the local hospital for a sleep-study. You know, the kind of visit where they hook you up to all sorts of wires and cords, then watch you sleep all night and monitoring everything you do. And since you’re asleep, there is no way to tel what sort of devastatingly embarrassing things you said or did while unconscious. Fun. Fun.

It took almost an hour to hook to all sorts of senors on my body, even in my hair (which was accomplished by huge gobs of vasoline– currently still in my hair despite using an entire bottle of shampoo on my head…) Sensors that were likely to move were taped down with 3 inch wide tape. Pleasant right across my throat and jaw. And then there was the wire traversing my nose and dangling over my lip to monitor breathing. Oh, and to me as a stomach-sleeper, laying on my back all night was horrible.

I made it through though. And here I sit. At work extremely early, because I know I’m going to crash at some point today, and I hope that I have enough hours behind me at that point to not lose vacation time. Already I feel the crack-like zen approaching 🙂



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